About Me:

We are a family of four that morphed into a family of six overnight when we adopted our two youngest from Ethiopia in December 2011.  That journey helped me rediscover a love for writing that has always been in my heart but lay dormant for years. Turns out blogging doubles as free therapy.  I am married to my rockin' college sweetheart and we have served on Young Life staff for the entire 20 years of our married life.  The Lord is doing a mighty work in us and graciously refining us one day at a time.  We love working together to advance His Kingdom and we believe the local church is the hope of the world.  Our calendar can be insane, but hey, what else are we gonna do?  I enjoy a good latte and an even better bargain.  You can link to my "original," personal blog here

AND!! I just published my first book! Glory be! If you want to sneak a peek or maybe even order one, you can find more about it at this link:  "A Beautiful Exchange: Responding to God's Invitation for More" 

Of course -- Amazon & Barnes and Noble are representin' too (paperback or e-book). If you read it, I would love to hear from you!!  This thing called "life" is just better when we do it together.  If there are any lines that hit you square between the eyes, tweet or Instagram them using #abeautifulexchangebook

 . . . and then there is this:

* We got held up at gunpoint on our honeymoon! True story. Peed my pants like 25 times. But, "for our troubles" we each got a green t-shirt with a disturbing phallic-like symbol embedded in the main design. Yeah. Don't wear it too often.

* I am made up of ... 51% extrovert, 49% introvert. I love people, but need ample space and some "me time" to rekindle the love.

* My least favorite activity -- family photo shoots. I LOVE the end product, but hate the weeping and gnashing of teeth it takes to get there. (Don't let these gorgeous pics fool you.  These are the products of a bribe or two...or ten. Plus our favorite Aunt Katie was the talented photographer! You can peruse some of her amazing work here: Katie Brase Photography)

* My Yorkie has his own Instagram (@Terrier_Bandit) which may or may not be run by my teenage son who also manages a couple other Instagram accounts. The family who #socialmediastogether #staystogether. Or so someone tweeted.